Standard Vertical Industrial power unit


As a cost save & simple design, the variable Vertical Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit has been designed for the demanding requirements of in-plant operations, specifically for intermittent and/or heavy duty applications such as Bailer, Steel bending machine, Drilling machine, Press machine and Trash compactor etc. The Industrial power unit is a pre-engineered package that provides a competitive solution to demanding requirement by providing Hydro-Tek’s own competitive parts. For custom design, Hydro-Tek also accepts specific branding parts such as IEC standard motor, Nema motor and Sun valves. The pump-motor group, valve package are mounted on a flat-top reservoir with a bolt-on top. With external Pump-Motor-Valve package on a flat-top, the easy maintenance or easy part replacing brings to customers as a usage benefit. By utilizing the Hydro-Tek Industrial Power unit Assembly Program, a virtually limitless numer of schematic combinations are possible.