Industrial Tubing Solutions




Industrial Tubing Solutions

Industrial application examples for extruded tubing solutions range from the smallest tubes in electrical and automotive industries, to large-diameter chemically inert tubes used in production industry. Fluoropolymer tubes are useful for transport and collection of corrosive and chemical fluids, or as a conduit. They can be used on their own, as a reinforcement, or as a liner for stable tubes, or pipes.

Where can you find the Industrial tubing solutions? The coils of electrical insulation in car engines, the tube that brings the freshly brewed espresso into a cup, the tubes in fire-extinguishing solutions that sprinkles water to save lives, the tube that transports fuel/oil/glue in an engine, as well as the tube that hosts ink in an office printer, can all be made within the Optinova Group.

Application Areas:

  • Plant and equipment engineering (transport of oils, varnishes and resins)
  • Heat exchangers (corrosion resistant, temperature resistant)
  • Chemical industry (transport of aggressive substances)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical engineering, liquid chromatography (hollow needles, single/multilumen catheters)
  • Food industry (FDA approved, NFS/ANSI standard 51 – Food Equipment Materials)
  • Semi-conductor industry (transport of chemical substances of highest purity, HP-PFA)
  • Electro technical industry (wire and cable sleeves, AWG)
  • Mechanical applications (sleeves for Bowden cables)
  • Vehicle construction (cable protection)
  • Paper and textile industry (roll covers)

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