Firestone is a leading pioneer manufacturer in the world for more than 100 years with products that are diversified, meeting all requirements of customers.

Gas springs – used as actuators (Air spring as actuator): Has been widely used in industries as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. These types of gas springs have many advantages compared to other types of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders such as: can be used in environments with many corrosive substances (physical chemistry), withstand the warping, the difference between the two heads .

Gas springs – used as damping devices (Airmount Isolator): limiting vibrations, shaking capacities of machines, details, works.

Marsh mellow series: limit vibrations, vibrations of machines, details, works.
Airpicker and airgripper: At Firestone, it is all about simply controlling the amount of gas and pressure in the bags, combining with the special movement of rubber. All will create a gripping device, suitable for any product required by the customer.

Hydro-tek Vietnam is proud to be the sole agent to distribute Firestone products
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