HydroTek South East Asia Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly known as Fluid Energy Sdn. Bhd.) - Exclusive Distributor for Hydro-Tek's Power Packs

Incorporate in Malaysia since November 24th, 2002. Connected to Fluid Power Industry for High Pressure System of Hydraulics. South East Asia sole distributor for 'Hydro-Tek' mini power pack, Korean made products for the use of - Wing Body, 4 Post Lift, Trucks Tail Lift, Scissor Lift, Stacker, Dock Leveler, Can Press, Tipper, Conveyor & et cetera. Provide Solution, Trade and custom made Hydraulic Power pack of related field such as Build & Design Engineering work's market for high pressure systems equipment, manufacturing Production Plant and Mobile Equipment of Commercial Vehicle utilities, Construction site & Warehousing hoisting equipment.

Similar to any industry for business direction growth, we adopt a motto of Service quality other than efficiency in Pricing. Our investment is an operation cost to provide a fine tune in our products and services that able to smooth the market producer's process.

HydroTek South East Asia Sdn. Bhd. has produced various of hydraulic power packs for more than ten years, supplied various and suitable power packs for demand of customer and exported our proud power packs to lots countries. Among some of our hydraulic power packs from Hydro-Tek are AC Hydraulic power pack, DC power pack. Besides that, we also supplies Hydraulic Power Unit (from 3HP to 20HP) and various of hydraulic components.