1) What is Oil Cleaner Cart (OCC)?
Oil Cleaner Cart or OCC is portable cleaning device that is very convenient and easy to use with your in-plant machinery and mobile hydraulic equipment that using mineral based fluid. It serves as supplement to any existing filtration on a specific hydraulic application with viscosity of oil up to 108 cst.

2) When do you need to change your oil?
Lubrication, deterioration and malfunction are due to damages caused by contamination. In this condition contaminated oil will normally be replaced with new oil because it is dirty and to avoid further damages to your system. But with OCC, you don’t have to throw away your oil. Instead, you may clean it and reuse it.

3) Does OCC same as other inline filter?
Any standard hydraulic system has a filter and filter supplier may easily be found anywhere. However, with OCC it not only just filters your oil. It can guarantee perfect clean oil for your system by removing all the particles that are not removed by conventional filters.

4) How does OCC filter and clean the oil?
With OCC, your oil will go through 2 stages of filtrations. The first stage will do a pre-cleaning of oil to remove big particles. The second stage of filtering will not only filter but also clean your oil by removing solid particle, absorb water, remove sludge and other oil oxidation residues.

5) What makes OCC more efficient and effective compare to other inline filter?
Two units of Triple R bypass oil cleaner are installed in this OCC whereby it operates simultaneously. The thickness of the filter medium is 114mm which is different and severally thicker than other conventional inline filter. Because of its specially designed cellulose medium, it allows absorption of water and oxidation residues.

6) How can OCC help in your investment?
OCC can save your maintenance expenditure. With its filtration specialty, the cleaning process can be performed. This will save almost 50 percent of your oil cost, where no extra manpower, no rent and no additional charges need to apply. Additionally, OCC support the environment.

7) Does OCC effortless to use?
OCC is easy to use with your hydraulic system. It is low running cost and easy installation and maintenance. Owing to its portability, it also can be removed from one machine to another.

8) When is to change the element?
Besides Triple R oil cleaner, standard OCC is installed with Parker filter whereby the pressure gauge is equipped together. The gauge is for easier to check the element contamination level and let you know when is to change the element.

9) How can this cleaning device affect the life of your oil?
With OCC, oil contamination level is kept at a 50 to 100 time lower concentration. Cleanliness of oil can reach up to 67 times cleaner and 67 times less contaminant which gives a longer life to oil. A normal period of changing oil with conventional filters will require every two months. Nonetheless, with OCC, it require once every six months.

10) Does the cleaned oil reach the standard of international requirement?
Many manufacturers want to protect their machinery and equipment from breakdown caused by contamination. OCC effectively guarantee the standard cleanliness of oil grade by ISO of 16/14/11 and NAS standard of 7 or better. This cleaning cart can also be very effective to reach and maintain the cleanliness level of other components of the system. This will improves machine reliability and productivity.